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This Little Boy’s Funeral for His Pet Goldfish is So Adorable and Heartbreaking!





Just when you thought you have gone through the worst chapters of saying goodbye ever recorded in the human history, you might want to step aside and lay down the red carpet ’cause no one else deserves the Oscars for the best drama king than this toddler.

At first, he may appear to be just a petite kid with a dash of charm and wits. But wait until he kisses and licks his all-time best buddy, known to be a goldfish named Top, for the last time before he sends it off to its funeral. Although the three-year-old handled his pet’s demise as tough as he can at first, it was when he finally flushed Top into the toilet bowl that he started flooding the bathroom with his own tears.

Watch the heartbreaking video:

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The good thing is, mommy (she’s also the videographer who documented the whole funeral) tried to console and comfort him to the best of her abilities. As for the todd, he surely knows how to sow the fruits of a great and deeply-rooted bond of friendship. Aww!

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