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This Mom Catches Her Smart Baby Perfectly Doing CPR to the Dummy

Watch how this toddler applied CPR lessons she have learned from the classes of her mom to a dummy. She’s smart!

Kris Evangelista





This video highlights the fact that parents are the first teacher of their babies. Babies are like sponges that absorb most of what they see, hear and observe.

Do you ever wonder what drives babies and toddlers to imitate the people around them?

Its part of their growing process since they are starting to learn how things around them work and based from a study, it is said that it is the first step towards independence. Also, appreciation, praises and encouragement they receive are also factors for this.

According to Dr. Howard Klein, the director of behavioural paediatrics at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore; true imitation or mimicking start at the age of 1.

Dr. Klein said,

“A 1-year-old understands that the actions he’s copying have significance,

Parents of toddlers are under constant observation,

During this critical developmental period, it’s important to model your best behavior.”

A toddler seen giving CPR to a dummy which apparently, she has learned from the CPR training courses of her mom.

A toddler seen giving CPR to a dummy which apparently, she has learned from the CPR training courses of her mom.

Source: Youtube

In this video clip, a mom has been doing CPR training courses and was teaching her students how to give proper CPR in case of emergency. During their break, she was amazed to see that her daughter actually learned CPR from her classes and is trying to apply what she has learned from mom.

I think she understands the lessons well and perhaps a little more practice and training courses are needed before we can fully trust her do CPR. Definitely, when she grows older she can save lives!

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Although this awesome toddler seems to be playing while classes is on going, she definitely picks up the things she hear and see inside the room. Children are great observers, they can learn things instantly and it’s amazing! They may be little but their minds are great and their sensitivity towards the things around them is soaring high.

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Clever Shop Owner Fights Back Armed Robbers Using an Improvised Flamethrower!

Bold and smart: The owner tried to scare the crooks away using a can of fly spray and a cigarette lighter.

Ann Moises



Queensland, Australia---a clever and brave shop owner named Dan Rigney defended his store from two armed robbers using an unconventional weapon: a makeshift flamethrower.

Apparently, two men wearing balaclavas stormed through the doors of IGA X-press at Alexandra Hills one morning. Fortunately, Rigney, who was then behind the counter, has the ability to think on his feet. He grabbed a can of fly spray and a cigarette lighter; thus, instantly equipping himself with a flamethrower, which he used to keep the muggers at a distance.

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This Backyard Fight Club is the Neighborhood’s Way to Settle Disputes Among Its Residents

These guys are getting their Tyler Durden on.




Normally, disputes between neighbors are settled diplomatically through meetings and interventions. There's nothing wrong with this at all and if you'd ask me, it's the best way to fix issues. No one gets hurt and peace is restored in the neighborhood. But this guy doesn't believe that merely talking through the problem is enough so he came up with a way to settle disputes the Fight Club way.

Chris Wilmore of Harrisonburg, Virgina took cues from Tyler Durden and friends and founded Streetbeefs, which is a form of a real-life fight club that settles disputes via good old fashioned fist-fighting. Wilmore, who was a former convict, was emotionally traumatized in 2013 when his close friend was shot to death on Christmas Eve. Known around the neighborhood as Scarface, he decided to come up with a way to end gun violence in his community.

Wilmore organized Streetbeefs, a real-life fight club that aims to settle disputes.

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Awesome Programmer Wrote A Bunch of Scripts To Automate His Job And His Life

Lazy or genius? You decide!

Mark Andrew



Microsoft founder Bill Gates once said “I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job… Because he will find an easy way to do it.” Perhaps the story below perfectly shows us that very thin line that divides laziness and brilliance.

This is about an unnamed programmer who wrote a bunch of software scripts to automate several tedious tasks – such as replying to a client, sending messages to his wife, and even making coffee. His secret codes were finally discovered by former coworkers after he left his job for another company.


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