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This House May Be Tiny But Its Interiors Are Mind-Blowing!





Owning a house is a kind of investment people reconsider over and over again. The reason for that is because once you commit to it, it will become a long term investment. You will somewhat become a slave that you will have to work for the rest of your life so that you can pay off the whole amount plus the interest of your new home.

Nevertheless, the feeling of owning your own house is incomparable. It gives you a sense pride that you have finally taken a big step towards your independence from your parents.

If you are one of those people who plan on getting a new house but don’t have enough resources to make it happen, you may want to consider living in a small house, just like what this crafty artist from New York named Rowan Kunz did.

It may not look attractive from the outside but wait until you see what’s inside.

she wanted to live in a small house7

Kunz has used her creativity in building a small house that would make anybody reconsider their plan of purchasing a new property to live in.

Kunz has always dreamed of owning a large house but due to some financial issues, she has to consider a different plan.

Rowan Kunz owner & Builder of a small trailor house

However, she did not expect it to be as stunning when it was completed.

she wanted to live in a small house3

Houses like the one Rowan owns are perfect for people who do not have plans of settling down in the near future but would like to have a little space they can call their own.

She has certainly done a good job of maximizing any amount of space in this tiny house.

she wanted to live in a small house4

This mini library that leads to her bedroom is just perfect!

she wanted to live in a small house5

Kunz is a school teacher in his hometown of Ulster County, New York. She has spent many years overseas trying to help people in Africa in building tiny houses for their families. She said to have gotten her own tiny house inspiration from her time abroad.

What’s amazing is, she built this house all by herself…

she wanted to live in a small house6

And used mostly all-natural materials.

she wanted to live in a small house1

Kunz must be so proud of what she has accomplished.

“The house has enough living space for me,” Rowan told Hudson Valley Magazine. “I have more comforts than most people in this world.”

The best thing about the house is she can travel with it.

Rowan Kunz owner & Builder of a small trailor house

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