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This Inkblot Quiz Will Reveal Your Personality and Characteristics

This abstract picture association quiz will reveal everything about you. Take the test here:


People have different ways in expressing characteristics of specific objects, ideas, actions and emotions. Hermann Rorschach is a Swiss Psychologist who created a psychological test called Rorschach inkblot test.

According to him, the test is being analyzed by using different methods such as algorithms and psychological interpretation. This is used to observe and check the characteristics and functioning of an individual both personal and emotional context.

Inkblot test is accurate and widely used by several psychologists in their services and studies, in fact; it ranks 2nd most used test by the members of the Society for Personality Assessment and 8th most used psychological test in outpatient mental institutions.

This means that an inkblot may look plain and uncomplicated, but different people have different interpretation, understanding and answers for it. Most of the time their answers reveal their personality, characteristic and behavior.

Now, answer the quiz below. Although this is not exactly Rorschach inkblot test, this will still help you reveal your personality strengths, weakness and outlook in life.

Remember, there’s no right and wrong answer. Let see how you will view this abstract inkblots.

Did the quiz help you identify your strengths? Were you satisfied with the results? Let us know your thoughts!

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Korean Tourist Joins Italian Street Musicians In An Impromptu But Epic Performance

These musically inclined people had an impromptu performance and ‘killed it.’

Music is a universal language that needs not be translated. It lives with us anywhere we go and creates a beautiful harmony that transcends all else. Proof to that is an impromptu and epic
performance of a Korean tourist Jun-Hyuk Choi and a group of Italian street musicians in Florence, Italy.

Mr. Choi was walking in the streets of Florence when he spotted a local band of musicians performing for tourists. He then asked the bass player if he could borrow his contrabass instrument and started snapping it soon enough. A double bass player himself, Mr. Choi knew just what to do which also explains the surprise glances from the band members. Not long after, they all jammed to a classic jazz that is "Autumn Leaves" and created a beautiful music that captured the hearts and ears of the crowd.

"In Korea, he played with four strings but there were only three [on the bass], which might make him play little bit hard but amazing," the person who uploaded the video said.

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Photoshop Expert Made History Photos Come Alive By Adding In Some Color

Masterfully done! It made me see and appreciate history through new eyes.

History books, for the most part, contain black and white photos. This is, of course, due to the fact that color photography may still be in its infancy at the time or probably wasn’t even invented yet.

So yes, it’s a given that majority of the images from the first half of the 20th century are merely in monochrome.

Marina Amaral, however, took it to herself to change that.

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Talented Mom Creates Intricate Braid Styles In Just 20 Minutes

This mom’s braiding talent is just beyond amazing!

Every mother has her unique talent that makes her the most special and awesome person in the world. For one Australian mom, showing her special talent involves her daughter, Grace, and her hair.

Shelley Gifford has been sharing photos of her Grace's hairstyle on Instagram. The great thing about the intricate hairstyles she is sporting every day is that her mother did all of them herself.

It will take Shelley about 20 minutes to finish those amazing braids. That's 20 minutes of bonding with Grace just before leaving for school.

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