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This Inkblot Quiz Will Reveal Your Personality and Characteristics





People have different ways in expressing characteristics of specific objects, ideas, actions and emotions. Hermann Rorschach is a Swiss Psychologist who created a psychological test called Rorschach inkblot test.

According to him, the test is being analyzed by using different methods such as algorithms and psychological interpretation. This is used to observe and check the characteristics and functioning of an individual both personal and emotional context.

Inkblot test is accurate and widely used by several psychologists in their services and studies, in fact; it ranks 2nd most used test by the members of the Society for Personality Assessment and 8th most used psychological test in outpatient mental institutions.

This means that an inkblot may look plain and uncomplicated, but different people have different interpretation, understanding and answers for it. Most of the time their answers reveal their personality, characteristic and behavior.

Now, answer the quiz below. Although this is not exactly Rorschach inkblot test, this will still help you reveal your personality strengths, weakness and outlook in life.

Remember, there’s no right and wrong answer. Let see how you will view this abstract inkblots.

Did the quiz help you identify your strengths? Were you satisfied with the results? Let us know your thoughts!

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