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20 Moments People Realized They Were Dating An Idiot

These are so funny, but they’re real-life experiences.


Let’s face it, one of the things people look for in a potential love interest is their looks. However, aside from the physical attributes, one of the qualities people admire most in their partners is the innate intelligence and wit they have.

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Some people, however, have their brain fog days, or they were just not born as smart as other people. Have you experienced an event that made you think, “Am I dating an idiot?”

If your partner does stupid things and he or she’s serious, you are not alone. Don’t worry, at least they’re funny and would brighten up your worse days unintentionally.

Here is a run down of other people who may have the same problem as you.

#1 Or it’s her first time to see an avocado, for real.

Source: The Chive
#2 She won’t lose them, all right.

#3 Ouch.

Source: ThavinceGene
#4 Oh No!

Source: The Chive
#5 He may need to go back to grade school.

Source: Star90s
#6 Caught girlfriend eating these “Christmas treats”…They’re dog treats!

#7 He was serious.

Source: teenyleemy
#8 From the cat.

Source: dopkick
#9 Where’s my phone?

#10 She thought the moon is underneath the Earth.

#11 It say’s H-D-M-I

Source: thanneman
#12 The moon and the sun are not the same!

#13 Funny comment, too.

#14 My girlfriend and I are having a contest to see who’s the best cook. I walked in on her trying to cook a steak… I think I might win this one.

Source: nvernon123
#15 I asked my husband to put away the leftovers.

Source: Asher64
#16 My Hubby Tried To Bake Cookies Tonight. On A Cooling Rack

Source: feelingbuff
#17 Asked My Girlfriend To Get Us Some Firewood. She Came Back With This

Source: dropstop
#18 Wife Asked Me “Is #18 That Thing Full Of Coffee?”

Source: cryptogram
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#19 Asked My Husband To Clasp My Bra This Morning. I Think It Was His First Time

Source: Maggiejaye
#20 Asked My Girlfriend To Put The Hummus In A Tupperwear Container, This Is Not What I Meant

Do you have funny stories or photos of your not-so-sharp but gullible partners? Share them with us!


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