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The Unsolved Mystery Of Poland’s Crooked Forest





In the small town of Gryfino in Poland, lies one of the world’s unanswered mystery. The eerie and strange woodland earned its nickname due to the curved bases of around 400 pine trees surrounding the forest.

The bizarre area is locally known as Krzywy Las. The trees bend towards the north and form a “C” shape before growing straight up. They grow up to 50 feet in height and are basically healthy apart from their curved bases.

Several theories have come up to explain the mysterious appearance of the crooked trees.

One theory is that there is some kind of gravitational force in the area that caused the trees to curve towards the north instead of straight up. However, if that is the case, how would you explain the other trees and vegetation in the area that do not have the same curve. If there is indeed a gravitational force, all the plants and trees should be affected by it.

Another theory is that it may be the works of aliens.

For those who’ve been watching too much sci-fi movies, this explanation is the most interesting. However, it is also the most improbable. It is not established by any scientific proof and simply does not hold water.

The most plausible theory is that is was made by farmers.

Experts have found out that these crooked trees were planted in the 1930s.

During those times it’s common for farmers to manipulate their crops for a particular purpose. These curved trees might have been engineered to be used as construction materials for shipbuilding.

It’s a reasonable explanation on why most curved trees are bent uniformly while all the others were not affected. When the 1st World War erupted, the farmer’s tree turning rituals were abandoned.

Despite all these probable theories and explanations, we can never be satisfied on the cause of the curves on the trees in Gryfino, as there are no witnesses to testify on what really happened.

The people who were there during those times and who hold the key to unlocking this mystery are probably gone by now. And so is the answer to the riddle of the crooked forest.

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