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New Hair Dye Changes Your Hair Color Depending On The Environment





The thing about changing your hair color is that once you give it a try, you’ll probably never get enough of it. Believe me, I’ve been there and I really had to try different hues just to see which looks best on me. So far, I’ve tried three colors.

Now imagine how could it would be if you can use one single dye that automatically changes your hair color depending on the environment. Sounds awesome, you say? Well that’s exactly what this company came up with!

According to Lauren Bowker of The Unseen, their fashion firm blended chemistry and design to create what they call “reactive fashion”.

Source: The Unseen

Their newest product, FIRE, is the result of that and this groundbreaking hair dye that, as mentioned above, can change a person’s hair color in ways never before achieved by other hair dye products.

Your hair color could change in an instant with The Unseen’s FIRE hair dye.

Source: The Unseen

This is all because FIRE is specially formulated to be responsive to temperature and so it offers users with a diverse range of colors from bright red to more subtle hues. It uses the process of thermoregulation so the chemical reacts in response to a stimuli which is the environment, in this case.

More than that, the company also did their best to use “less toxic ingredients” on FIRE so as to minimize possibilities of irritation and other negative effects.

In an interview with Wired, Lauren explained:

“Because of how we’ve formulated the dye, we’re confident there will be no damage to the scalp, and no significant effect on the hair fibers themselves (no more then typical semi permanent dyes that is.)”

Watch this video and see for yourself:

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So far, reports tell us that the unique hair dye is still in the testing stage and will probably hit the market in the near future.

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