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Japan’s Copper Fiber Face Mask Can Destroy COVID-19 Particles in 4 Hours




  • Japan’s Gunma University has collaborated with textile company Meisei Industry to create copper fiber material that can “kill” coronavirus in 4 hours.
  • This can be used for making face masks, gloves, and other items which could be useful in combating COVID-19.

A university in Japan has teamed up with a local textile manufacturer to create a unique mask that can destroy coronavirus particles in a much faster period of time. The unique innovation has since made headlines because its potential to prevent the spread of the disease during this global pandemic.

According to reports, Gunma University has utilized copper fiber to make a more effective protection against the virus. In just 4 hours, this material can inactivate – therefore practically killing – the coronavirus in at least 4 hours.

This could be a game-changer in our ongoing battle against COVID-19.

In a post by The Government of Japan Facebook page, we read:

“According to an NIH (National Insitututes of Health) study, #NovelCoronavirus may survive for 2 to 3 days on plastic but is only active for 4 hours on copper.

“By enhancing copper’s well-known antimicrobial properties with a photocatalyst, Gunma Univ. spin-off GUDi & copper foil thread maker Meisei Industry have jointly developed a copper fiber sheet which can be used for masks & other daily items.”

The material can be used in making face masks and gloves among others.

Gunma University professor and Gunma University Developmemt and Innovation (GUDi) executive chairman Hideyuki Itabashi also added:

“The material used breaks new ground for preventing mass outbreaks of the virus, and we would like to have it out there soon.”

So yes, there is still no word about when we can buy copper fiber masks and gloves in the market at the moment. We do hope it becomes available sooner than later because this could be a great help for the public, especially for the frontliners.

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