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Scientists Came Up With A Song Guaranteed to Make Your Baby Laugh with Pleasure





Parenting is tough, especially when you’re dealing with infants who can’t yet articulate what they’re feeling. Nothing is more frustrating than doing everything you can to soothe your crying baby only to fail again and again. Well, here’s something to help moms and dads everywhere.

Child development expert Caspar Addyman and musical psychologist and Lauren Stewart were commissioned by U.K. baby food manufacturer Cow & Gate for a special mission – to create a baby-friendly pop hit that’s scientifically “proven to make babies happy.”

The experts hired Grammy-winning composer and vocalist Imogen Heap for the project.

Source: Pixabay

Heap, a mother to an 18-month-old baby girl and former member of the synth-pop duo Frou Frou, was asked to put together a melody following certain rules. According to research, the song had to be in a major key, be repetitive and simple, and contain a wide range of dynamics to keep an infant surprised and tuned in.

The song also had to be uptempo and mirror a baby’s heartbeat, which is faster than that of an adult’s.

Source: Pixabay

Female vocals were also required for the track (ideally recorded in the presence of a baby) as previous studies have shown that infants are partial to the sing-song tones that women often use around babies. Other sounds loved by infants were also included, such as “beep beep,” “whee,” “ha ha,” and “mwah!”

The result was “The Happy Song,” which was tested by Cow & Gate customers. The song was initially given to 7 families for one week to see how it affected their babies. The babies featured in the music video all seem to be in a good mood, laughing and dancing to the upbeat baby song.

Listen to “The Happy Song” below:

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Are you a parent struggling to keep your baby feeling bright and cheery? Maybe this scientifically-designed song can help you. Go test it and let us know about the results!

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