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Texas Inmates Breakout from Jail to Save Guard Suffering a Heart Attack

Ever wondered if those behind bars are purely evil? Well, these Texas inmates proved that they still have good in them after they decided not to escape and save a jailer’s life.


Only one incident can prove that the salvation of humanity is not a lost cause especially after an incident where inmates in a Texas jail broke out of their captivity just to save a jail guard’s life.

A CCTV footage showed the intense action at courthouse where eight inmates from the Parker County jail in Weatherford, Texas reacted when one of the jail guards dropped unconscious.

According to reports, the inmates realized that he was no longer breathing when they sprang into action and tried to radio for help.

“He just fell over. Looked like an act. Could have died right there,” an inmate identified as Nick Kelton explained to the media.

When they did not get any response from the radio, the inmates tried to get the attention of other guards upstairs to come to the aid of the jailer whose identity had been kept confidential by officials.

Parker County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ryan Speegle admitted that he did not know what to think of the situation when he first arrived on scene. Floyd Smith, another inmate, said that some officers thought that the inmates were trying to escape the facility especially since the unconscious jail guard had a gun and keys to the jail cells.

Fortunately, Kelton and the seven other heroes were not escaping but were instead helping the poor jailer who appears to have suffered a heart attack.

According to Capt. Mark Arnett of the Parker County Sheriff’s Office, the jailer were just talking to the inmates with the incident occurred. He said:

“He was just talking to them, and he just kind of collapsed. As soon as the jailer went down, they started to yell. He stopped breathing. They couldn’t find a pulse on him.”

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Ironically, some of the inmates were facing jail time due to assault while others were in for illegal substance abuse. Aside from that, the homeless man who helped in jailing these inmates is now $100,000 rich, thanks to the reward from the justice system in the country.


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