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This Woman Made A Bed Of 800 Tennis Balls For Her Dog’s Birthday. The Dog’s Reaction? Priceless!





Birthday celebrants who are thrown surprise parties have mixed reactions. Others love the limelight, whilst others absolutely hate being taken aback. Sometimes, friends and families need to be extravagant for the celebrant to appreciate the effort because let’s admit it, the more indulgent the surprise, the happier the celebrant becomes.

We have an idea how people react to such events, but how about dogs? In this video we found, a pet owner surprised her dog, Joey for its second birthday. A bed of 800 tennis balls was made on the floor for Joey to play and dive in. His reaction was priceless, and we can’t help but be moved by how happy Joey seemed to be – running around, waggling his tail and enjoying every bit of the surprise.

Watch the video here:

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We find it touching that pet owners like that of Joey’s take extra efforts to make their pets happy. After all, they give us joy and protection, and the least thing we could do is to make simple actions to show how much we value them. Happy birthday, Joey!

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Credits: MsJAMMINJAY via Pawmygosh

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