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Teen Helps Homeless Man Start A New Life After Nephew Put Him On The Street





A teen’s good deed toward a homeless man is now giving that man a new start in life. Just when Anatoly was about to give up, Violetta Nikolskaya came into his life in a nick of time.

Anatoly had a pretty regular life. He lived in a nice apartment with his wife and mother. However, after both of the women passed away, things had never been the same again.

Anatoly almost lost the will to survive.

Source: Instagram

Anatoly’s nephew then moved in with him. But after meeting a girl he was ready to marry, the nephew wanted the house for himself and girlfriend, putting his uncle on the street.

For three years, the old man lived in a very old and poorly-maintained hut that his pension could afford. Unfortunately, the building was a setfor demolition and Anatoly ended up living on the streets once again.

Despite all the tragic events, there will always be rainbows after the rain.

Source: Instagram

As if those unfortunate events were not enough, Anatoly had a stroke in July 2018 and a stranger called the ambulance. After being treated for a week, doctors said that he was well enough to leave the hospital.

Just when things started to look worse for Anatoly, Violetta and her friends saw him sitting all alone. The 18-year-old from Perm, Russia, then approached the lonely old man and struck a conversation — that’s when she learned about his struggles.

Source: Instagram

Although having someone to talk to was probably enough for Anatoly at the time, Violetta wanted to do more for the old man. She took to social media to ask for help and fortunately, it was a huge success.

With the help of generous netizens, Violetta was able to rent an apartment for Anatoly. She also bought him everything he needed like clothes, medications, food, and even a cellphone.

As soon as he fully recovers from the stroke, Anatoly wants to take Violetta on a small trip or go fishing.

Source: Instagram

Violetta may be the closest person that Anatoly can call family after the passing of his mother and wife. The young teen now calls him “Uncle Tolya.”

The old man plans to undergo a full medical examination. Violetta is also helping Anatoly in the process of renewing his pension.

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