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Teen Brings Graduation Rites To Hospital For Dying Mom To Witness

It was a mother’s dying wish to see her son graduate from high school.


While a high school graduation is a moment that any parent looks forward to, not everybody is fortunate to witness their children donning a graduation gown and cap while walking across the stage to get their diploma. Hence, a 19-year old son had to bring his graduation rites to the hospital so that his terminally-ill mother could witness the momentous event.

It was in 2015 when Stephanie Northcott was diagnosed with cancer. While she was given 10 months to live by her doctors after the diagnosis, she was able to beat the odds and live much longer. However, it did not mean that she was off the hook.

It was Stephanie Northcott’s dying wish to see her son, Dalton, graduate from high school.

Northcott had always wanted to see her son, Dalton Jackson, graduate from high school. With the graduation happening on May 18, she was not sure if she could still be alive to witness the milestone in her son’s life. After all, her doctor already in April revealed that she had limited time.

Stephanie’s close friend, Julie Northcott, said in an interview:

“For two years, that’s all Stephanie talked about. She kept telling me, ‘all I wanna do is make it to Dalton’s graduation.”

With the efforts of Dalton, Northcott’s close friend Julie, and the cooperation of the school, a graduation rite was held at the hospital where the terminally-ill mother was confined.

Knowing how important for her friend to see her son graduate from high school, Julie, with the help of Dalton and his friends, and the cooperation of the school, held a graduation rite at the chapel of the hospital where Northcott was confined.

The song “Pomp and Circumstance” played as Dalton marched in his graduation gown and cap. On top of that, there were 20 other senior students, some of whom also in gown and cap, present in the hospital. There is definitely no denying that the improvised graduation rites Northcott witnessed last May 4 was close to the real thing.

As if seeing her son graduate were not enough, the dying mother was further sent to tears when Dalton danced with her as the song “I Won’t Let Go” played along.

Apart from seeing her son receive his high school diploma from the school principal while garbed in his graduation gown, Northcott was also treated to a dance by Dalton: Their last dance together.

Julie said:

“Stephanie cried tears of joy. She was so happy that she was there but she was also so sad that this was it.”

Northcott died on May 11, exactly a week before Dalton’s graduation.

Watch the video here:

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