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These Areas in the US Will Most Likely Be Struck in the Event of a Russian Nuclear Attack

Not New York nor Los Angeles.

When thinking about places in the US to target during a nuclear attack, busy cities like New York and Los Angeles seem like the obvious choices. Big damage can certainly be done to these bustling and densely populated hubs. But when it comes to nuclear attack strategies, the thing to consider in choosing a target is not really the number of casualties or the cost of damage, but the potential to wipeout the enemy’s nuclear forces.

That considered, the enemy, say, Russia, might focus more on Montana and North Dakota instead of New York and Los Angeles. According to Stephen Schwartz, author of Atomic Audit: The Costs and Consequences of US Nuclear Weapons Since 1940, emphasis in targeting places for nuclear attacks has shifted from big cities to areas with nuclear stockpiles and infrastructure.

This map shows the areas Russia would have to attack to destroy the US’s nuclear forces, according to Schwartz.

The map above shows the possible targets for an all-out attack on the US’s fixed nuclear infrastructure, weapons, and command and control centers. But Schwartz claims that even a big attack like this cannot guarantee success for the enemy.

Schwartz was quoted by Business Insider as saying:

“It’s exceedingly unlikely that such an attack would be fully successful. There’s an enormous amount of variables in pulling off an attack like this flawlessly, and it would have to be flawless. If even a handful of weapons escape, the stuff you missed will be coming back at you.”

According to the expert, the US has nuclear-powered submarines that can counter the attack.

Schwartz emphasized that the US’s nuclear-armed submarines can launch a strong counter-attack should the areas above be destroyed. According to the expert, the US has four to five nuclear-armed silent submarines that are always on high alert, and their whereabouts are kept secret.

Schwartz also mentioned that although the US has strategically positioned the bulk of its nuclear forces far from population centers, a nuclear attack could still cause damage to other areas because of fallout.


Guy Has Pareidolia And Creates Characters From Faces He Sees

Apparently, being able to see faces from inanimate objects is a psychological phenomenon – and it’s called pareidolia.

At times when you look at the sky, you could see little faces forming in the clouds. Apparently, being able to see faces from inanimate objects is a psychological phenomenon; it happens and it has a name - facial pareidolia. Psychologists even say that some people can be more prone to facial pareidolia compared to others.

Some people may get ridiculed for experiencing pareidolia, but according to experts, it’s a common occurrence because of how the human brain is wired.

As University of Toronto’s Professor Kang Lee, who studied facial pareidolia, explained to Mail Online,...

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Top 5 Best Dive Watches You Can Afford

Got no money for a James Bond Omega Seamaster? These options will do.

Diver’s watches are all the rage these days as they come with classic, stylish design and bear all the features a diving enthusiast may need. An ideal watch should include features like magnetic-, chemical-, and shock-resistance, visibility in the dark and durable strap. But more importantly, dive watches should be water and pressure resistant.

There are different options of dive watches that choosing one would be difficult. Here is a list of the best dive watches chosen by members of the Scuba Diving Dreams.

#1. SKA371 Kinetic Seiko Dive Watch


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4,000 Iranian Women Are Training Hard In The Desert To Be Female Ninja Rangers

These female ninjas “learn to climb and jump walls, hide in the mountains and slice the neck of a rival without making a sound.”

We’ve previously heard about Japan’s shortage of ninjas. The country is looking for more ninja show performers, which are particularly popular among tourists.

Well it looks like Iran will never have the same problem. Apparently, about 4,000 Iranian women are training hard to be ninjas – from learning to use various lethal weapons to performing back flips and everything in between.

Meet the female ninja rangers of Iran!


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