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Talented 2-Year-Old Performs Irish Jig Without Missing A Step





Most toddlers can barely sing along with Baby Shark. However, a talented two-year-old showed off her moves by performing an Irish jig after a funeral. Amazingly, she doesn’t even miss a single step.

The adorable toddler is shown performing alongside another woman. However, it’s clear that the two-year-old is the star of the show. She easily does the Irish jig without missing a step. In addition to that, she clearly remembers the dance steps and when to clap.

The cute toddler clearly knows the dance steps by heart.

People simply can’t get enough of the talented tiny dancer. Some believe that she will grow to become a successful performer one day. Others are simply grateful to be blessed with a viewing of her adorable performance.

“Can you imagine how extraordinary this adorable little girl can dance when she becomes older? Too, too adorable!” one comment read.

“This is the cutest thing I have ever seen, what a beautiful little girl. I found this by accident, so glad I did though,” another fan wrote.

The tiny dancer is obviously the star of the show.

The little girl’s performance is certainly remarkable. Other children her age might still be struggling to get to their feet, let alone memorize an entire Irish jig to three different tunes.

Some were also wondering why the child was encouraged to dance after a funeral. Irish wakes are usually joyous occasions celebrating the dearly departed. There is usually singing and sometimes the guests even play games. This is why the talented little girl put on an amazing performance for family and friends.

Although the two-year-old remains anonymous, her delightful Irish jig is certainly something that people will always remember. Perhaps we will see her again in the future, performing as the talented young dancer that we are all expecting her to be one day.

Watch the adorable performance below:

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