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Parents Are Complaining About This Foul-Mouthed Minion Toy





Everybody loves the Minions!

Originally introduced on the first Despicable Me movie, these adorable yellow creatures have become so famous they recently got their own spin-off film. With the new Minions movie recently hitting cinemas across the world, the franchise goes to prove that wholesome family comedies are still well-received by audiences everywhere.

In fact, the movie quickly made a record for being the second-biggest opening for an animated film as it earned $115.2 million in North America. The undefeated record holder is still Shrek the Third (2007) which made $121.6 million on its opening weekend.

Naturally, the movie company is bent on milking from the popularity of these cute characters. Just visit any shopping mall and you’d see lots of clothes, school bags, slippers, tumblers, and many other related merchandise.

Mc Donald’s Minions Happy Meal features 10 collectible figures from the hit movie.


Mc Donald’s was one of the first to jump on the craze. They released new Minion toys for their Happy Meal to the delight of many youngsters and young-at-hearts alike. Besides, who wouldn’t want to own collectible figures of these characters?

One particular toy from this set, however, has earned the ire of concerned parents. According to alarmed dads and moms, this Minion Caveman is swearing.

The complaints say the Minion actually said “I’ll be damned!” and “What the F—?” Definitely not the type of language that parents will be thrilled to hear from their kids!

Watch the video here:

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This video uploaded by PaulB has gained almost 5 million views since being uploaded last July 8. According to him, they were recently on a road trip and they decided to grab some food for his daughter. However, he and her wife were soon shocked to discover this little Minion is spewing profanities.

Is this little toy really swearing? Or is this just a misheard Minionese (the official Minion language)? Share what you hear by leaving a comment below.

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