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The Survival Capsule Designed to Protect You From Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and Tsunamis

Designed by aerospace engineers, this safety pod claims it can withstand natural disasters.

Mark Andrew





Generally, there isn’t much we can do whenever natural calamities strike us bad. No matter how much money you have in your pocket or how prepared you think you are, you will still feel helpless in the long run.

One company is seeking to change that with an invention aimed at saving human lives during the worst kind of disasters.

The Survival Capsule has been designed to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes, storm surges, and even tsunamis.


Julian Sharpe, founder of the Survival Capsule, claims that this safety capsule has been made to give people a ‘variable disaster solution’ and said:

“It gives [people] an option of having a security system on their own property which is easily accessible day or night and really gives the family a safe security they wouldn’t otherwise have.”


The spherical capsule, according to the designers, is made of hardened aluminum shell. This personal safety system features two small porthole windows so the persons using it can still see what’s going on in the outside world. It has been designed to float so users will not have to worry about drowning such as in the instance of a tsunami or flood. Its self-righting system, on the other hand, prevents it from rolling upside down. Also, the pod can be tethered to secure occupants from being washed away.

To test its strength and durability, the designers – a team composed of aerospace engineers – used a program similar to those used in the aerospace industry to see of it can survive harsh situations.

Sharpe added:

“The object of this exercise is to really instill in to the general public a level of confidence that this capsule can offer security in a very hostile environment, which is exactly what the tsunami was.”

survival capsule 2

Aside from withstanding natural disasters, the Survival Capsule can also endure penetration of sharp objects, extreme heat exposure, and others. It is available in different sizes ranging from two to ten persons. It can also be customized to include a music system and a toilet.

According to Sharpe, he first conceptualized the ball-shaped pod back in 2004 when a tsunami struck Indonesia – a tragedy that resulted to the lost of about 225,000 lives.

He said:

“Modern day early warning systems can save anywhere up to 90% of a population, but that final 10 per cent are most likely going to perish.

“In a tsunami which is exposing 2.5 million people, then that 10 per cent becomes a quarter of a million, and that’s a large number. To get that down to only one or two per cent, this is an option.”

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The Survival Capsule is available for anyone interested to order through the company’s official website.


American Medical Association Issues Warning About the Dangers of LED Street Lights

Progress and technology come with a price.

Dondi Tiples



Modern cities have started to switch to LED lighting as a brighter and more efficient way to light up city streets. LED lights are cheaper and brighter than the older orange colored street lights of decades past.

However, despite the cost-efficient way technology is brightening up city streets, the American Medical Association has issued a new warning about LED lighting.

Apparently, LED lighting comes with consequences.

led 1

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Good News: The Ozone Layer Hole Is Recovering, Scientists Say

Job well done, humans!

Mark Andrew



Now here’s a positive news that will surely delight everyone. According to a recent report by scientists, the Antarctic ozone hole is starting to recover. It is also anticipated that by mid to late century, it should completely heal.

It should be noted, of course, that it has almost been thirty years since the 1987 Montreal Protocol, an international treaty, started a ban on the use of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC). This meant chlorinated compounds in refrigerator coolants and aerosols have since been banned because scientists have discovered that the chemicals are causing serious damages to the ozone layer.

MIT atmospheric chemist Susan Solomon confirmed that the Antarctic ozone hole has started healing.

ozone layer healing 1

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Anki’s Cozmo Is A Cute A.I. Robot You Can Take Home For $180

Shut up and take my money!

Mark Andrew



We’ve all seen cute movie robots such as Wall-E, Baymax, and, most recently, BB-8. These bots are so adorable we sometimes wish we can take them home.

Well, our fantasies just turned to reality, thanks to Anki.

The toymaker just created Cozmo, a small robot equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). Although the Silicon Valley-based company has always been known for its mobile app-controlled race cars, the company is upgrading that image with the release of Cozmo.

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