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Filipino Guy Made New Record of Most Candles Extinguished Using… FARTS!





Ever since its beginning in the 1950s, the Guinness World of Book Records has been a witness, a historian to some of the most amazing feats of human abilities… and sometimes, it has also been the record to some of the funniest, useless and disgusting human talents too!

There have been Guinness records already of putting out candles using the tongue, but this one is a first, extinguishing candle flames using farts! In this video below, Gerard Jessie from the Philippines attempted for the record of the most numbers of candles extinguished using only the power of his gassy emissions.

Watch this guy’s record-breaking farts below!

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I must say that is pretty impressive right? But I feel bad for the person who has to hold the candles though, he also had to endure the smell of Jessie’s powerful farts! So with 5 extinguished candles did Jessie landed a coveted spot on the Guinness Book of Records? Unfortunately, NO!

He did not make it, not because the Guinness people were disgusted or anything with his talent. But one spokesperson has this to say,

“I just went through our database and this record is not recognised as a Guinness World Records title”.

Well even if he did not go down in history as the man who extinguished the most candles using only his farts, it is still a very smelly and interesting show though! Good job for the entertainment Mr. Jessie! Who knows, instead of FIRE EXTINGUISHERS we can have FART EXTINGUISHERS in the future because of you! 😉

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