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A Stunt Took a Horrible Turn When This Guy’s Bar Broke Apart and He Fell Off a Cliff.





Everybody is going gaga over the authenticity of a viral video of a man who was close to being dead after a supposedly warm up drill went horribly wrong.

The video started with the identified stuntman Richard Henriksen warming up for a base-jump stunt. The video was being filmed as part of a Norwegian film called “Normal Galskap” in 2012. However, it was during the midst of the drill when the bars suddenly collapsed pushing him off the cliff unexpectedly.

All onlookers gasp for breathe as they watch him fall a thousand feet below the ground. Everyone expected a zero chance of survival until finally, a parachute was deployed just in time for a safe landing. Boy that was jaw-dropping!

Watch the video:

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Was that a hoax or is it really an epic failure? The choice is up to you. At least, we are all sure that he is safe and sound. Guess he will be doing more tricks but less casualties next time.

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