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How To Start And Have A Great Tinder Conversation





Tinder has become one of the most widely used dating apps today. You can have your match, chat with someone and take it to the next level by going out on a date with that interesting person you just met. However, that would only be possible if someone swiped right on your profile.

The dating app has studied users’ data and the results have been translated into strategies to have a better dating experience. If you haven’t had luck on Tinder, consider below tips from the company itself.

#1 Upload smiling and close-up photos.

Source: Elite Daily

A smile is one of the tested gestures you can attract people or get them to smile back at you. The same is true for your uploaded smiling photos.

#2 Avoid wearing hats on your profile picture.

Source: Elite Daily

For some people, hats are accessories that can enhance your look. However, according to study, wearing a hat in your profile picture lowers the chance of getting swiped right on by 12 percent.

#3 Stop sending lifeless messages and be creative on your opening line message.

Source: Elite Daily

According to Tinder, 71 percent of women and 61 percent of men want to receive personalized openers. Your match will think that you put effort and is more likely to give the response you wanted.

Send questions as a conversation starter, about 35 percent of women and 32 percent of men like to receive that kind of opening line.

#4 Opt for GIFs messages and have a long conversation.

Source: Elite Daily

Send GIFs as messages — you’re 30 percent more likely to receive a response rather than sending non-GIFs.

#5 Don’t delay the conversation for too long; ask a date as soon as possible.

Source: Elite Daily

Based on the study, 95 percent of users meet up within two to seven days after getting matched. Don’t beat around the bush for too long. If you want to go on a date, start a conversation while your name is at the top of the list of the matches.

Do not be overwhelmed by the numbers and stats. Consider the studied data to strategize and enjoy swiping on. Develop your social skills and meet strangers. Who knows, you could be lucky meeting someone who will be with you for long.

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