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Street Painter Creates A Stunning Masterpiece Using His Fingers – In Just 9 Minutes!





If you are a frustrated artist, watching this guy will probably lead to more frustrations. Besides, so many of us would complain about failing to pursue artistic dreams for various reasons but this street painter simply wouldn’t give in to excuses. He just goes out and does his thing – even without a paintbrush.

Yes, you read that right. This poor artist doesn’t have any brushes to work with but what’s more surprising that that is the fact that he manages to create his stunning masterpieces with just his bare hands and a small piece of cloth. You will absolutely be impressed with his mad skills!

At first, the unnamed artist looked like he’s just messing around with paint and paper.

fingerpainting 1

Photo credit: Tugay Varol
Interestingly though, he comes equipped with unusual techniques to create unique effects for his artwork.

fingerpainting 2

Photo credit: Tugay Varol
Eventually, we see a sun, some mountains, and captivating sunrays in the background.

fingerpainting 3

Photo credit: Tugay Varol
This time he added more depth and color for the mountains.

fingerpainting 4

Photo credit: Tugay Varol
Now we see the land and some greens.

fingerpainting 6

Photo credit: Tugay Varol
He’s almost done…

fingerpainting 7

Photo credit: Tugay Varol
… And here goes the finished piece!

fingerpainting 8

Photo credit: Tugay Varol

Pretty impressive, we say!

Watch the video here and be stunned some more:

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