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No One Bothered To Help. Until An Ordinary Dad Became An Unlikely Hero.





When a seriously injured dog lay stranded in the middle of a freeway, cars just kept on passing by. One after the other, drivers either saw the dog, or they didn’t go out of their way to help… that was, until a Good Samaritan performed a miracle. He stopped, got out of his car and took the pup to safety by enticing her with his yummy sandwich. Unbelievable!

Rickey Young, a father and contractor, said he heard about the problem on the radio and wanted to do something to help. “I’m just kind of a softy on that stuff,” he said. “I have a dog and would hate to see him on a highway like that.”

It was clear to Rickey that the dog was grateful for his help. The dog’s veterinarian said she seriously needs treatment, had broken bones and internal bleeding. Had no one stopped to help, she could have died on the road.

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