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Store Denies Disabled Woman From Entering Because She ‘Would Damage Floor’

You’ll lose your faith in humanity.


It is almost certain that a lot of people thought that the world is finally changing for the better when it comes to treating every member of the society equally. However, this story will sadly take away your faith in humanity.

A disabled woman on a wheelchair was not allowed to enter a chocolate store at a shopping mall in Penang, Malaysia. The reason? Because her wheelchair would damage the floor.

Rozita Othman took to Facebook to share the incident. She said that the wheelchair-bound woman was her sister-in-law whom she had taken out for shopping at the time.

As they were about to enter Beryl’s Chocolate, a worker stopped them and said that the “beautiful mosaic floor of the store” would be damaged due to the nature of the wheelchair. And because of that, they were denied entry.

The post, which has now gone viral after Penang Kini shared it on its Facebook page, had caused outrage among netizens. Many commenters suggested that people should stop buying from the chocolate store in Batu Kawan for their actions.

As it turns out, Rozita and her sister-in-law’s unfortunate experience was not the first incident that happened. Some also shared that they cannot even bring strollers into the store.

In December last year, another woman had submitted a review on the company’s official Facebook page, saying that she was told strollers are not allowed in the shop.

Beryl’s Chocolate, however, has denied any such rulings. Instead, the outlet appeared to blame its staff, saying they might not be aware.

The spokesperson said:

“This might have been a mistake from our new staff. They might not be aware of it. We do not have such rulings.

We apologize on behalf of our staff. Anyone with stroller or wheelchair can enter without any problems.”


Farmer Explains How ‘Ghost Apples’ Ended Up On Trees During Polar Vortex

These “apples” are the coolest thing you’ll find in an orchard during the polar vortex!

The recent polar vortex has made America aware of a lot of new things, like what happens to hair when you go surfing in the chilly weather. Interestingly, the icy temperature has also resulted in a rare phenomenon known as "ghost apples." One farmer found these ice apples on his orchard and decided to explain how it occurs.

Andrew Sietsema manages a farm in western Michigan where the polar vortex had an interesting effect on apple trees. The young farmer was pruning the trees in an orchard when he came across the ghost apples. He immediately took photos, shared them on Facebook, and went viral with his stunning discovery.

The ghost apples magically appeared after the polar vortex.

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This Is How ‘Candyman’ Spent Valentine’s Day With His Wife And 3 Girlfriends

Travers Beynon had a truly busy Valentine’s Day!

Most of us probably spent our Valentine's Day with one special lady or man. However, Candyman took the holiday to a truly different level. The Australian multi-millionaire decided to celebrate an extravagant Valentine's with his wife as well as his three girlfriends.

Travers Beynon is known as Candyman for a good reason. He owns the Candy Shop Mansion which is pretty much the Australian version of Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion. Although he is often seen as a playboy, the tobacco tycoon actually takes special care of his wife Taesha, his children, as well as his three girlfriends. You'll be pleased to find out he is actually a loving husband, generous boyfriend, and caring father. In fact, Beynon made sure Valentine's Day will be truly amazing for all the women in his life.

Beynon working hard with two of his girlfriends.

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Petition Calls To Sell Montana To Canada For 1 Trillion Dollars To Ease National Debt

One thing you can say for sure about America, it’s a land of ideas!

Some Americans are trying to settle the national debt the best idea that they could come up. To "eliminate the national debt," someone started a petition on, telling the U.S. government to sell the state of Montana to Canada for $1 trillion.

The national debt tops at $22 trillion, which alarmed a lot of people. Many shared some suggestions as to how to bring the debt down, and one online petition is arguably the cheekiest one. It claimed that Montana is "useless" so  U.S. should just sell the western state.

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