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This Stirring Thai Commercial Shows Us What Unconditional Love Looks Like

A very emotional must watch ad with an unexpected twist.


Generally, parents work hand in hand to meet all their children’s needs including those that money can’t buy. In traditional families, the dad is the breadwinner for the family while the mom supports her husband and ensures that everything is well with the kids and at home.

It’s not an easy task, and it’s even more difficult for those who have to raise their kids alone. Usually, the one who’s left to care for the child has to fill the role of both—acting as the mother and the father at the same time. Some people are not even aware of the sacrifices they have to make for their children, while others would probably say they didn’t ask for it. However, the fact remains that our parents do so because they love us, and they want to give us a better life.

People say we wouldn’t understand what unconditional love truly means until we become parents ourselves. They say there’s no boundary – no limit to how much they’d be willing to do for their kid. No matter how hard the circumstances are, they press on, and the only thing that keeps them going is the love they have for their children.

This video is a perfect example of that kind of love. Leo Burnett Group Thailand made this ad entitled “Taxi” for Tesco Lotus, and it’s probably one of the most emotional and surprising videos you’ll ever see.

Watch this and tell us what you think.

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Controversial: Mom from Singapore Caught Her Maid Breastfeeding Her Baby

Mothers, how will you react if you saw your maid breastfeeding your baby?

Gone are the days when women have to leave their jobs when they become mothers. Nowadays, having a hired nanny to take care of the baby or the kids is quite common. Women especially from affluent families or those who have prominent jobs often do this practice. Most of the time the dedicated nannies, maids and domestic helpers are quite an angel and a big help to the family. But sometimes we just don't know how much trust we should put into a complete stranger to take care of our precious babies or kids. That's exactly what happened in this story where a Singaporean mom was shocked to see her hired maid breastfeeding her baby! Read the story and comment if you think the mom overreacted or her actions were justified.

Disclaimer: The story featured is real as reported on The Asian Parent. Furthermore, the pictures used in the story are not of the real characters, but merely a representation. Credits to the rightful owners are duly given.

The Story as it Unfolds

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Buddhist Monk’s Mummified Corpse Turned to Gold in Bizarre Ritual

Fu Hou was admired by many people and he was also an excellent Buddhist preacher.

A well-regarded Buddhist monk, whose body was mummified, has now been covered in gold – a post-death process only given to those who are considered holy. Fu Hou dedicated himself to the Chongfu Temple found on the hill in Quanzhou, China.

The monk started studying Buddhism when he was only 13 and he continued his faith until his death in 2012. He was 94 years old at the time of death. The monk wanted for his body to be mummified after his death. The temple did so also because Fu Hou’s remarkable dedication to Buddhism.

Buddhist monk Fu Hou started studying Buddhism at 13 and practiced the faith until his death in 2012. He was 94.

Buddhist monk Fu Hou started studying Buddhism at 13 and practiced the faith until his death in 2012. He was 94.

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How This Abused Dog Reacted When Petted For The First Time Will Break Your Heart

All he knows of touch is the pain he’d feel because of it.

A simple touch can convey so many meanings; it can show how much we love, care, or want something or someone. But sadly, others associate it with pain and despair---especially those who have been tortured and abused by the very people they thought they could trust.

Apart from the physical pain, abusive people inflict a deeper kind of wound on their victims---one that would remain even after all the visible scars have healed.

Dogs suffer emotional and psychological trauma from being mistreated as well. And it’s saddening how a gentle, loving, loyal, and sweet creature that loves to be caressed would whimper and cower in fear of someone's touch---all because it had been abused its entire life.

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