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This Stray Cat is the Best “Fishercat” You Will See!





Cats are one of the best hunters in the animal kingdom. Although some cat lovers cannot imagine their pampered “Garfield” cats running after prey, most cats would exhibit this wild hunting side. Cats love to feast on their favorites such as rats and birds, and some cat owners might be familiar with this “gift” from their pets. However, a rat or a bird, is no challenge compared to hunting a fish!

We know that cats really hate water but at the same time, they really love fish too. So a cat hunting for some tasty fish meal would have to conquer its biggest fear first. And that makes a cat hunting for a fish a total badass… like this stray cat on this video here.

Watch this stray cat in action as it catches the fish straight from the sea! It all happened so fast so don’t blink around the 0:56 mark or you’ll miss it.

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Amazing isn’t it? This cat has totally mastered the art of fishing, and it knows that fish and seafood are best when fresh, straight from the ocean.

Watching it might make you remember when Tom (from Tom and Jerry) tried to catch fish in a fishbowl too… and failed! He should definitely learn some moves from the “fishercat”!

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