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Japanese Spa Offers Swimming Pools Filled with Red Wine





If you’re looking for a novel way to melt your stress, a visit to the Yunessun Spa Resort in Japan may be the place you’re looking for.

Located in Hakone, Japan, the one-of-a-kind spa lets its customers “cleanse” themselves in an assortment of unusual hot tubs including green tea, sake, coffee, and red wine.

Wine spas with wine-based treatments can be found across the globe but the spa which is part of an amusement park in Japan includes a 12-foot bottle of wine allowing visitors to drink while they bath.

According to their website, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt did the same ritual back then. Customers can only avail of the unique service for a 12-day period each year.

This Japanese spa lets you bath in a tub full of red wine.


Photo credit: Amusing Planet
Guests get to practice the same ritual Queen Cleopatra of Egypt did back in her days.


Photo credit: Amusing Planet
Aside from cleansing themselves with red wine, guests can also drink a glass or two while they bath.


Photo credit: Amusing Planet


Photo credit: Amusing Planet
The spa’s wine treatment is offered for a 12-day period annually.


Photo credit: Amusing Planet
If you want to have better-looking skin, you can try soaking up at a sake bath which has the potential to remove your age spots and freckles.


Photo credit: Amusing Planet
To give your skin and immune system a boost, try dipping at the spa’s green bath. The tea actually comes from Tanzawa and Hakone.


Photo credit: Amusing Planet
Who says fresh brewed coffee is for drinking only? Apparently, you can actually swim in a tub full of caffeinated coffee in this spa.


Photo credit: Amusing Planet
Believe it or not, the spa also offers a chocolate bath on Valentine’s day.


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