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Top 10 Internet Abbreviations You Never Thought Existed





Language evolves with the current trends in society, and hundreds of new words are formed everyday. However, as words multiply, the practice of shortening them has also become a trend, particularly in the world wide web.

Back then, the world of chat rooms is rife with abbreviations that most people are not inclined to use. Anyone who is familiar with chat rooms and other cyber communications would probably know the terms ASL (age, sex and location), BRB (be right back), LOL (laugh out loud), and LMAO (laughing my ass off), among others.

Surprisingly, how these words have changed allowed humankind to evolve as well, especially in terms of communication.

How well do you know your language?

The following are some examples:

AF. This seemingly innocent abbreviation actually means “As F*ck”. Much as the majority would be deceived that this means Away From, it is actually used to clarify things or can also be used to replace the word “very”.

LMK. These three letters simply means “Let Me Know”. You know, that usual phrase we use most especially when asking for an opinion before making a decision.

SMH. Language is extremely complex, and a string of three letters might have multiple meanings. Take the case of this abbreviation. Although some would prefer Singing My Heart, which is actually a positive sign, this actually stands for “Shaking My Head”, which means a sign of disapproval.

WYT. Since people nowadays have become more dependent on other people’s opinion, they tend to ask using this abbreviation, which stands for “Whatever You Think”. Again, these words can always be used in any possible way.

TDF. Remember when you see the ultimate pair of shoes that surprisingly went on sale? Well, this is the best abbreviation for that. To Die For.

KMN. If you’re feeling a lot of pain or humiliation then this is the exact phrase for you—Kill Me Now. But then again, this is just plain sarcasm unless you really are asking for it.

TBH. I don’t know about you, but honesty is still and will always be the best policy. So to cut the long story short, this simply means, To Be Honest.

RMR. While most abbreviations usually stand for every letter, this one really is not that hard to REMEMBER. Period.

WBU. When someone asks you WBU, don’t get offended. They are not cursing you but actually asking What About You. Yes, the origin of this abbreviation is quite a piece of work.

LBR. If someone’s keeping you puzzled about something, this can be quite handy. Just tell them, LBR better yet Let’s Be Real!

Although a lot of expressions are polluting the world of internet, how these words came up is actually pure genius.

Do you know of other internet slangs and abbreviations? Share them in the comments section below!

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