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The Obsession of Creating a Picture Perfect Life on Social Media





Nowadays people seem to be obsessed with showing off their lives on social media so the whole world will know they live a perfect, happy life.

The 30 beautiful pictures of the “new dress” is more likely for a new Facebook profile photo rather than the actual event. If you receive beautiful flowers from someone, everyone on Facebook or Instagram needs to know about it.

What’s the point of being happy if you’re not going to post it?


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If you’re going somewhere interesting, you’re required to post a photo online as an evidence of your awesome experience or else the world will think it didn’t happen. Not to mention, the grand announcement on Facebook seems to be more important than the actual event.

First dates must be announced with pictures of the great-looking partner. Photos taken during the date are more important to show your friends how cute was your date, instead of focusing on the quality and personality of the person you dated with. And when out for the night, selfies are a must or it didn’t happen.


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Single people begin to resent seeing romantic couples on their newsfeeds because it serves as a constant reminder that they haven’t found someone yet while everyone on Facebook are having the perfect relationships. It’s quite easy to forget that people only post their best moments online and prefer to hide away the worst ones.

It seems that the success of any relationship is measured by how many pictures you post with your special someone. How sweet you are in those photos. How romantic your words in the description. And those who never post photos with their significant other are quickly assumed to be in a miserable relationship, living an unfulfilled lives. Sad to say, for most couples these days, being in love is not enough and a relationship isn’t considered truly successful until every declaration of love is shared on Facebook.


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Sometimes, I wonder if people arrange meet ups and get together with friends because they missed being with them or they just want to take pictures to show the world that they are having such a good time with friends.

Maybe you haven’t noticed this but the truth is, brag culture has made us so obsessed in narrating our lives online that we sometimes forget how to enjoy every seconds of it. Believe me, interesting memories doesn’t begins with “Hey, remember that time we took 50 photos in your car…?”


Photo credit: LalaorBust

Sad to say, life is now a popularity contest measured by how many followers you have and how many likes you receive when you share pictures. We easily judge other people’s lives based on what we see on their profile. Just because they didn’t upload travel photos, delicious foods, fine dining, and night outs. We quickly assumed their lives must be boring.

Don’t let social media fool you. There are so many people who hardly have likes on their pictures, but they still have lots of friends in real life. There are couples who seldom upload romantic photos, they rarely post sweet nothings to declare their love on their statuses, but they are actually happier than the ones you see in your newsfeeds.


There are people who does not brag online about their new gadgets and other expensive little stuffs. But they already have their own house, they got fat bank accounts, and they have more achievements in life compared to those who constantly brag on Instagram about their seemingly perfect life of travel and pleasure.

This is why you shouldn’t believe everything you see in Social Media. Everyone’s life is not quite as perfect as they attempt to show online, and appearances can be very deceiving.

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