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Homeless Boy was Left Freezing in the Streets, Until this Homeless Man Helped Him.





Hundreds of homeless adults and children are roaming around the busy and dangerous streets every day. With ragged or no clothes, footwear, food, shelter, we see that most of them only get by because there are still some generous people who are willing to lend a helping hand. Sadly, this is common in most parts of the world.

Many have become calloused and apathetic that they choose to turn their heads the other way; pretending not to see how much these unfortunate ones need help.

OCK TV decided to facilitate a social experiment to see how many people would help a young boy who’d disguise himself as a homeless child.

The boy will be alone in the streets of New York, amidst freezing weather. He will have nothing more aside from his normal clothes, shoes, and a garbage bag to cover his cold, shivering body. Under such harsh condition, can you imagine the boy’s state?

Now watch and see who will help him.

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Can you believe who finally helped him after that so many hours? A homeless man who had nothing much to offer gave whatever he had for someone in dire need.

I hope we all learned something valuable from that social experiment because I sure did.

As writer and preacher John Bunyan once said:

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can’t repay you.”

What are your thoughts?

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