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NASA Engineer Invents An Epic Snowball Machine Gun, And You Can Build One Too!





During a recent family vacation, Mark Rober had two realizations while having snowball fights with his nephews. One, making snowballs by hand is always inefficient and two, he’ll never win because they’ll just gang up on him.

So he decided to do something about both problems.

Using his technical know-how, the former NASA engineer took an Echo Leaf Blower and transformed it into an awesome weapon – a snowball machine gun.

Mark Rober created an awesome snowball machine that can fire up to 15 snowballs at a time.

snowball machine gun 2

Source: Mark Rober

Rober’s amazing homemade machine gun can fire up to 15 snowballs at a time. It is an open tube connected to the leaf blower and is controlled by a plunger. Pressing the trigger allows him to control the speed of the balls.

On top of that, reloading the magazine only takes several seconds.

snowball machine gun 3

Source: Mark Rober

What’s even more impressive about this invention is that reloading the PVC magazine only requires a few seconds.

Revenge is always sweet!

snowball machine gun 5

Source: Mark Rober

With this new weapon, Rober now has a ridiculous advantage whenever he goes snowball fighting against his nephews.

Watch the snowball machine gun in action here:

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Published just last February 2, 2016, the video was an instant hit as it immediately gained more than 925,000 views in just 10 days time.

In case you’re envious and want to create your own snowball machine gun, you’d be glad to know Rober also shared some downloadable instructions.

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H/T: Mark Rober

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