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Snake Quickly Regrets Its Attempt To Eat a Porcupine

That’s some quick karma.






A video of a boa constrictor writhing in pain after attacking and attempting to eat a porcupine is making the rounds on the internet. The video, shot by a man in Brazil, shows the snake with dozens of porcupine spikes piercing through its body.

The snake reportedly attacked and tried to eat a porcupine, but the reptile ended up in worse condition than its prey after the porcupine defended itself using its quills. In the video, the snake appears to have greenish spikes stuck in its body.

A snake in Brazil suffers in pain after its porcupine prey defended itself.

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The video runs just a little over a minute, and it shows the snake slithering and struggling in pain. A dog also appears on the video and barks at the snake, causing the snake to coil in defense.

The wince-inducing video was first posted in LiveLeak.

There have been mixed reactions from those who’ve seen the video online. Some viewers expressed sympathy for the snake (an animal that’s not usually liked by many), while others felt the animal deserved its fate.

A porcupine is said to be the cause of all the pain

One user said:

“First time in my life I feel sorry for a snake.”

While another one commented:

“Karma for the foolish snake.”

It’s still unsure whether or not the snake survived the porcupine’s attack.

The boa constrictor, also called the red-tailed boa, is a heavy-bodied snake. It belongs to the family Boidae typically found in North, Central, and South America, as well as some islands in the Caribbean. Ten subspecies of the boa constrictor are currently recognized.

Boa constrictors are feared by many.

Boa constrictors are ambush predators, meaning they often wait for prey to come along and then suddenly attack. The reptile’s diet typically consists of bats, mice, birds, and lizards, and they take about four to six days to digest food. The size of their prey may increase as they get older and larger.

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Circus Trainer Gets Brutally Attacked By Lions In Front of Shocked Live Audience

Terrified kids and parents witnessed the anger of lions.

Mark Andrew



Going to the circus might sound like a good idea for a fun day out with the kids. However, parents and children who went to a circus in Lviv, Ukraine were left terrified after two lions angrily attacked their trainer during the show.

This is totally not what you’re expecting to see when you go watch a wholesome circus.

Circus trainer Oleksiy Pinko was savagely mauled by two lions in front of the audience.

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Cyclone Leaves a Bull Shark on This Australian Street

As if we need more reasons to NOT go out when a cyclone is in town.




Cyclones leave a whole lot of stuff in their wake after ravaging cities or towns. All sorts of trash and debris are expected sights after such a violent environmental occurrence. But have you ever encountered sharks among the debris littering the streets post-cyclone? We bet you haven't, unless you live in Australia, specifically in the northern state of Queensland.

The locals in Ayr, a town in Queensland, woke up to a strange sight as they pass by the street after flood waters went down following the storm of Cyclone Debbie.

A bull shark just lying there, covered with mud.

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Tourist Lost in the Amazon Forest Claimed That Monkeys Saved His Life

We’ve got a new breed of heroes!




When you are exploring someplace vast like a forest and you get lost, you often turn to your GPS or compass to find your way back. I mean, it's just rational to do that, right? But what if you lose all means of communication with the outside world and you're left alone to fend for yourself in a harsh and unfamiliar environment? Who do you turn to?

Maykool Coroseo Acuña, a 25-year-old tourist from Chile got lost in the Amazon forest for nine days after losing contact with his tour group from Max Adventures as they were exploring Amazon's Madidi National Park in Bolivia. He claimed that he survived those nine days thanks to a group of monkeys that helped him. It sounds awfully weird, right? But Acuña claimed that he owes his life to the primates who fed him and guided him so he can find water and shelter.

Acuña wandered in the Amazon forest for nine days.

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