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For Just $48, The SleepBus ‘Teleports’ Passengers Between L.A. and San Francisco

Now you can travel and have quality rest at the same time!


Forget about flying or driving.

If you’re planning a trip between Los Angeles and San Francisco, the SleepBus is the most economical and comfortable solution to your traveling woes.

This unique bus service was launched last April and charges people for only $48. What sets this public vehicle apart from others is that passengers are encouraged to doze off along the way.

In addition, this is a 12-passenger bus that offers individual beds complete with privacy screens and fresh luxury sheets. Each passenger can also enjoy access to personal power outlets, reading light, and WiFi. In the mood to sip a hot drink? They got it covered for they also have some coffee and tea – just ask for it from the SleepBus attendant.

For only $48, passengers can ‘teleport’ between San Francisco and Los Angeles while riding the SleepBus.

sleepbus 1

Source: SleepBus

The bus leaves from either city at 11:00 pm and then arrives at its destination at around 5:00 to 6:00 in the morning. Passengers, however, are allowed to sleep until 9:00 am if they want.

“It would basically be like you teleported to L.A.,” described Tom Currier, SleepBus founder and CEO.

SleepBus has, so far, gained tons of positive feedback online. On Yelp, for instance, the service has a rating of 4.5 stars.

One of the reviews read:

“I was traveling on business and had an evening event, but needed to be back in LA in the morning. I could have gotten a hotel and an early morning flight, but SleepBus took care of both needs.”

The bus has a private sleeping pod for each passenger, making it possible to travel and rest at the same time.

sleepbus 2

Source: SleepBus

Unfortunately, SleepBus has stopped taking new reservations as of the moment.

The official website tells us that they plan on starting operations again by August 15 as they “get more buses online.” They are currently working with their manufacturer to build 10 new buses.


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