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COVID-19 Vaccines May Be Available By January 2021, U.S. Said

“Having a vaccine by January 2021 is doable if things fall in the right place” said Dr. Anthony Fauci.

  • As countries scramble to be the first one to find a cure for the dreaded COVID-19, the United States said that they may release their vaccine by January 2021.
  • This news comes after finding encouraging results on the early stages of a coronavirus vaccine clinical trial in Seattle.
  • So far, the 45 participants during the second phase experienced “no major side effects”.

After announcing that the National Institutes of Health and Moderna Inc is now ready to test 30,000 volunteers with its potential COVID-19 vaccine on July 27, the United States government said that they may release the cure by January 2021.

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease and the head team for vaccine discoveries Dr. Anthony Fauci said that if “things fall in the right place” the U.S. and the world will be having its first coronavirus vaccine early next year.

“No matter how you slice this, this is good news,” Fauci said in a Euro News report.

Fauci made this announcement after the U.S. government received the results of 45 volunteers who underwent the clinical testing of the potential COVID-19 cure. The vaccines, during the second trial were found to have promoted an “immune system boost”.

“We want to go quickly but we want to make sure it’s safe and effective…having a vaccine by January 2021 is doable if things fall in the right place,” Fauci assured.

The 45 volunteers who were administered the cure in March reportedly developed neutralizing antibodies in their bloodstreams which is comparable to those patients who have survived COVID-19.

The first two trials were led by Dr. Lisa Jackson of Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute in Seattle. The 45 participants, who were ages 18 to 55 years old, were enrolled at the study sites in Seattle and at Emory University in Atlanta. They were divided into three groups with 15 individuals each.

“All the participants received one injection; 42 received both scheduled injections,” the New England Journal of Medicine wrote.

In April, the clinical trial expanded its testing by enrolling volunteers who are older than 55 years. The 45 participants then grew to 120 volunteers. However, the latest published report only tackles the 18 to 55-year age group.

Based on the results of the first two trials, the participants experienced “no serious adverse” effects on the potential vaccine although more than 50% of them reported to have experienced fatigue, headaches, chills, myalgia, or pain at the injection site.

The scientists also said that systemic adverse events were more common even during the second trial of vaccines.

Due to the data on the side effects and immune responses at different vaccine dosages during the Phase 1 clinical trial, scientists were informed on the correct doses needed to use during the Phase 2 and 3.

The Phase 2 clinical trial of mRNA-1273, which was sponsored by Moderna, began recruiting in late May. Fauci has since announced that his team are ready for the Final clinical testing of 30,000 volunteers.

On July 27, the American scientists are set to inject the potential coronavirus cure to 30,000 young and adult participants which will be marked as the world’s largest study of potential coronavirus cure, so far, according to Fauci.

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