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Her Sister Do Not Have A Uterus So She Volunteered To Become A Surrogate Mom… TWICE!


Being a mother is a role that almost all women want to have. Motherhood provides a sense of joy and fulfillment that no other life experience could ever give. Unfortunately, not all women are given the physical or biological ability to bear a child of their own.

Take Katie for example. She was born without a uterus, deeming her dream of becoming a mother almost impossible to achieve. The doctors said the only way she could have a baby of her own is to find a surrogate mother who will fulfill the demanding pregnancy roles for her.

When Katie got married to Jarod, they started planning their family, including where to find a surrogate mother.

It turns out the couple did not have to look any further because Katie’s younger sister, Courtney volunteered to carry her sister’s baby in her womb. The 18-year-old strong-willed lady lived with the couple because she wants her sister to be a part of the entire journey.

“I want her to feel the baby move as much as she can, I want her to see the growth, I want her to be around for every part of it,” Courtney said.

The selfless act of Courtney did not stop there. She knew her sister wanted a bigger family and that her 2-year-old nephew Jace wants a sibling. So once again, she volunteered to carry Katie and Jarod’s second baby.

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