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A Single Mother Of Four Couldn’t Afford Her Groceries. How People React? Faith In Humanity Restored!





Everyone probably experienced that awkward moment in a grocery store, confidently lining up to pay  for your stuff  at the checkout counter but to your horrific surprise, you forgot your wallet or ran out of cash. We all had our share of embarrassing moments and this is definitely one of those times when we wish no one is around watching.

The reality is some people can be so judgmental and it’s quite easy for them to look down on others. Times can be so tough sometimes and it’s through these circumstances when we really know who got our back, willing to give a hand. On a lighter note, there are those people who restore our faith in humanity and they can be anyone, a good Samaritan or even a stranger.


Now what would you do if you’re in this particular situation? This is what happened when a single mother of four unfortunately couldn’t afford her groceries. How people react towards her misfortune is simply heartwarming. Different scenarios were presented and the positive response from their subjects touched me to the core. The video was inspired by the hidden camera show What Would You Do? hosted by John Quinones where actors act out scenes in public to see how people behave when confronted by a problem which requires them to either take action or do nothing at all.

Watch the inspiring video:

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It’s a great feeling that there are still people with big hearts, ready to go beyond their limits to help those who are in need. One generous stranger said and I quote, “You do good things for people and good things come back to you.” God bless you Sir!

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