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Singapore to Abolish School Exam Rankings

“Learning is not a competition,” said the education ministry.

Mark Andrew





In an initiative that aims to encourage further learning among young students, the government of Singapore has officially announced its plans to abolish the age-old student ranking system for primary and secondary school. With this move, students’ class positions will no longer be reflected in their school report books beginning next year.

In a statement, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung summed it up this way: “The change is to allow each student to focus on his or her learning progress and discourage them from being overly concerned about comparisons.”

“Learning is not a competition,” according to the education ministry.

In a Tribune feature, we learn that the following details will no longer be included in student reports:

  1. Class and level mean
  2. Minimum and maximum marks
  3. Underlining and/or coloring of failing marks
  4. Pass/fail for end-of-year result
  5. Mean subject grades
  6. Overall total marks
  7. L1R5 (English plus five relevant subjects), L1R4 , EMB3 (English, maths, best three subjects) and EMB1 for lower secondary levels
Moreover, examinations for primary 1 and 2 pupils will also be discontinued beginning next year.

Source: CNR

The statement further tells us:

“Teachers will continue to gather information about pupils’ learning through discussions, homework and quizzes. Schools will use other ways like qualitative descriptor in place of marks and grades to evaluate pupils’ progress at these two levels. Whereas marks of older students will be rounded off before being presented.”

Teachers will coordinate with the parents to inform them about their children’s progress.

Source: StraitsTimes

Ong said:

“I know that ‘coming in first or second’, in class or level, has traditionally been a proud recognition of a student’s achievement. But removing these indicators is for a good reason, so that the child understands from young that learning is not a competition, but a self-discipline they need to master for life.

“Notwithstanding, the report book should still contain some form of yardstick and information to allow students to judge their relative performance, and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.”

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Greece Bans Obese Tourists From Riding Donkeys

People over 220 lbs are no longer allowed to take donkey rides in Santorini.

Nobelle Borines



The donkeys of Santorini may finally breathe a sigh of relief. Greece has officially banned overweight tourists from riding the beasts of burden in the country. The decision was made after animal rights activists released images of the creatures struggling under the weight of obese holidaymakers. The pictures also revealed that the animals were suffering from open wounds and spinal injuries.

The Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food has released new rules that cover the Santorini donkeys' well-being. The regulations dictate that the animals giving tourist rides should not carry any loads heavier than 100kg (220 lbs).

The allowable load for donkeys has been reduced to less than '100kg, or one fifth of their body weight.'

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Guy Parks His Mercedes Using Two Spaces, Jeep Drivers Eventually Teach Him A Lesson

This is why you should park properly at all times!

Mark Andrew



It's always annoying when you get to the parking space and then you see a vehicle taking up more spaces than necessary. It's really infuriating we sometimes wish we can confront these bad drivers personally and tell them about it.

Well two Jeep drivers went ahead and did exactly that. After spotting a Mercedes parking over two lines, they decided they'd do something he wouldn't forget anytime soon.

Revenge is sweet indeed!

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Japanese Billionaire Invites Artists to Go With Him To The Moon For Free

“If you should hear from me, please say yes and accept my invitation. Please don’t say no.”




The private spaceflight company SpaceX announced that Yusaku Maezawa, founder of clothing company ZoZotown, will be the first space tourist to travel around the moon. To inspire artists, the Japanese billionaire wants to bring six to eight of them to join his #dearMoon project.

Maezawa reportedly has a current net worth of $2.9 billion, according to Forbes. The 42-year-old is also an avid art collector, which is why he is more than willing to pay for these artists from different fields to go to the moon with him so that they could create something after they return to Earth.

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