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Adults Are Confused With This Mind-Boggling Math Question Intended For Primary Kids





Singapore math is probably one of the toughest math programs in the world. It focuses on problem-solving techniques and model drawings in its syllabus, and it has been adopted by the United States and some South American and Southeast Asian countries.

One particular Singapore math question has taken the Internet by storm. The question was shared by TV presenter Kenneth Kong on Facebook, and it has gone viral since then.

This question causes a debate with my wife… and it’s a P5 question,” Kong wrote.

Comments started surging after Kong posted it, and many people, including those outside Singapore, have taken a keen interest in the question. The Australian Federation of International Students even shared it on its Facebook page. Unsurprisingly, the post also caught the attention of and Philosophy Forums.

Now, can YOU solve this problem? NOTE: This is a math question intended for PRIMARY school kids.

What is the answer to this Singapore math question?


So, were you able to figure out when is Cheryl’s birthday? Let us know in the comment box below. And don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends, too! They may know the answer to this math problem!

H/T: The Straits Times Singapore

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