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Sick Thug Throws Innocent Puppy Into Crocodile-Infested Waters





A shocking footage about animal cruelty has sparked outrage online. A heartless man hurled a litle puppy into the waters, which happens to be infested with crocodiles.

It’s unclear where this vile incident took place, but one report stated that it happened in Indonesia, while a different report suggested that it was shot in Australia. Regardless, people want only one thing — to have this man punished for this evil act.

The video starts off with this man carrying a sack in which the puppy was put in.

Making his way down the jaggy rocks, the man holds the poor pup by its scruff.

He then hurls the pup into the waters.

Just by watching the video, it’s clear that there are predators in the water. The distressed puppy tries to swim back seemingly sensing the danger ahead.

The innocent creature can be seen struggling with all its might to get out of the water.

It was a horrific ending for the puppy and people were appalled. Watch the video below.

WARNING: This video contains scenes that can be unsettling for some viewers.

It remains to be seen why a man would ever do such a cruel act but as expected, people who viewed the video slammed him. People have branded the man as “sick” and it’s understandable why they reacted that way. Some expressed their disgust, hoping that the thug would fall off into the water and suffer the same fate as the puppy.

The man who threw the pup into the water and the equally heartless person behind the camera have yet to be identified. Daily Star Online has already contacted RSPCA Australia for comment.

Dogs can be the sweetest creatures that man can keep as a companion. But with heartless people like the guy in the video, one can’t help but think that humans don’t deserve the loyalty of a dog.

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