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Rescuers Went to an Abandoned House and Saw the Biggest Cruelty Case They’ve Seen.

Dogs were found in an abandoned house, where some already died. What a disgrace!

Animal cruelty is an issue, which some people do not care about. They think that death and abuse amongst these creatures are OK, as long as no human person is harmed. But we bet, all people who will be able to see this video we found will surely be moved.

The Animal Rescue Corps drove all the way to Tennessee to perform an all-nighter called Open midnight run dog to address the case of one of the most shocking animal cruelty stories ever. They made a plan and thought of a strategy to help the poor dogs stuck in a house, achieve freedom and experience quality of life. The rescuers were able to clear out the entire place and carry out their plans successfully.

Warning: This video contains graphic images that some users may find disturbing.

Watch the video here:

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Credits: Pawmygosh via Animal Rescue Corps


Boston Marathon Blast Survivor Runs Again With New Prosthetic Leg. INSPIRING!

Boston bombing survivor comes out stronger and runs marathon again with her new prosthetic leg.


The Boston bombing that occurred on April 15th, 2013 has left lasting effects on its victims. That fateful day ended tragically, thanks to the Tsarnaev brothers who up a homemade bomb during the Boston Marathon. The blast killed 3 people and injured an estimated 264 others. Rebekah Gregory was one of those who were nearly killed - a survivor whose life was changed forever.

Gregory underwent 35 surgeries and doctors eventually had to amputate her leg in the process. Despite what happened, she never stopped doing what she loves most--running. During this year's Boston Marathon, Gregory brazenly ran again with her new prosthetic leg, which she fondly calls 'Felicia.'

After running the last 3.2 miles of the race, Gregory fell on her knees. She was "overcome with emotions," she told ABC....

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He Never Expected that His Car Accident Would Reveal His Darkest Secret! What A Douche!

A Chinese man recovering in hospital after a car crash had a shock – when all 17 of his girlfriends turned up to see him.

Netizens from diverse countries are going gaga over a Chinese resident of Changsha who got involved in a car accident last March 24. What made his accident more phenomenal is the accidental exposure of a polygamous affair with not just one or two but 17 girlfriends all at the same time.

The obviously clueless girlfriends were as shock as Mr. Yuan during the coincidental “meet and greet” when the medics called all of them regarding the accident. Among his partners include a relationship of nine years and one of whom he has a son with. Xiao Li, who had been dating darling Casanova for 18 months shared:

“I was really worried when I heard that he was in hospital. But when I started seeing more and more beautiful girls show up, I couldn't cry any more.”...

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21-year old Student Died After Ingesting Diet Pills That ‘Burned Her Up from the Inside’.

She ingested eight diet pills that contain a toxic substance used as pesticide.


Surgical procedures, shakes, diet plans, and pills for weight loss have become more rampant these days. Whether for aesthetic or health reasons, these methods claim to have been formulated to help us achieve the perfect body that we desire. However, some people would do just anything to lose weight matter what the cost.

A 21-year old student from Glyndwr University in Britain named Eloise Aimee Parry died after ingesting Dinitrophenol (DNP) last April 12, 2015.

Eloise's metabolism skyrocketed hours shortly after taking the pill.


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