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They Don’t Just Come In Great Speed. They Also Produce Wonders in Just Seven Minutes. AMAZING!





You’ve never been to Japan unless you’ve ridden at least one of its high-tech bullet trains that are known for their fashionably fast and furious speed – the Shinkansen, which is one of the ultimate “thang” and highlights of the Land of the Rising Sun. However, as you hop and alight these trains, ever wonder how they clean those things knowing that the staff only have a few minutes to spare?

The answer—the seven-minute miracle.

With an estimated 40,000 passengers and 323 trains departing from Tokyo every single day, this group initially falls in line in the platform and prepares all the things that would be needed during their “ride.” With just literally seven minutes, an elite cleaning team hops in and does the magic with their own versions of “magic brooms,” cleaning rags, and bottles of glass cleaners. As you know, magicians don’t just use their tricks and gimmicks, they specifically have their own style. For this group, they get the perks of pressing a secret button that would automatically rotate each chair for easier and faster cleaning. Again, can’t blame the Japanese if they want to be on top, right?

Watch the video here:

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As the elite force settles down after the countdown, they finally get to line up again in the platform and bow in synchronization. Now that’s even more impressive, right?

Although there are a lot of sites and beautiful landmarks to visit in Japan, perhaps checking out the elite force will be a good addition to the itinerary. This will not only prove how keen the Japanese in cleanliness are but will also boost the elite team’s morale for doing such a noble job! Well-deserved two thumbs up guys!

H/T: Rocket News 24


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