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Hong Kong Teens Invent Self-Sanitizing Door Handle, Perfect For Public Toilets





Whether you are aware about it or not, it is true that very few things can be dirtier than a public toilet door handle.

According to GoodEarthProducts, “Microorganisms can thrive in door knobs of public toilets due to unhygienic practices. Who knows what bodily wastes and fluids door knobs contain? There’s also the risk of contracting diseases like H1N1, Hepatitis A, Influenza, and Meningitis.”

Fortunately, two teens from Hong Kong came up with a viable solution for the problem. Sun Ming Wong, 17 years old, and King Pong Li, 18 years old, created an innovative door handle that utilizes kinetic energy to sanitize itself.

This antibacterial door handle eliminates about 99% of germs with every movement.

self-sanitizing-door-handle 1

Photo credit: ScienceDump

So, how does it exactly work?

Well, our brilliant young inventors thought it would be awesome if they will use titanium oxide – one of the most effective antibacterial agents – and then coat the door handle with mineral. That way, the door handle harnesses UV rays which then increase the efficiency of titanium oxide.

Moreover, the design of the handle is in a long cylindrical shape and is made of clear glass. That way, the UV rays are attracted to the handle. LED technology is also used to tap kinetic energy with every movement. Based on a lab test, this mechanism successfully eliminated about 99.8% of germs.

Best of all, this revolutionary door handle is available for a cheap price.

self-sanitizing-door-handle 2

Photo credit: ScienceDump

Sounds pretty cool, right? We’ll wait until you learn that this fantastic invention is sold at only $13 per piece. That’s pretty much a steal!

Also, it doesn’t hurt that the door handle looks very futuristic. Maybe the teens were inspired by sci-fi flicks?


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