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Genius 15-Year-Old Filipino Inventor Has Created Biodegradable Plastic Bags

15-year-olf Filipino inventor Amin Hataman just invented biodegradable plastic bags.

Mark Andrew





Considered by many as nature’s “silent killer,” plastic bags are definitely bad for the environment.

In fact, studies tell us that plastic bags are dangerous to sea life, with over 300 million plastic bags end up in the Atlantic Ocean alone. It is likewise an environmental hazard on the land because an average plastic bag usually requires hundreds of years before it breaks down.

Because of this, plastic recycling and the use of eco-friendly bags are being encouraged by concerned organizations in the hopes of at least minimizing the mentioned risks.

In the meanwhile, a young inventor from the Philippines has successfully came up with a plausible solution for the problem. What did he do? Well believe it or not, this teen invented biodegradable plastic bags.

Amin Hataman, 15 years old, invented biodegradable plastic bags.

filipino-inventor-biodegradable-plastic-bags 2

Photo credit: PhilStar

Meet Amin Hataman, a 15-year-old student who currently studies at the Fountain International School in San Juan City, Metro Manila.

Hataman grew up in Mindanao and it was there that he learned to develop love for the environment. As a child, he was often heartbroken when he saw people using plastic bags for their garbage. He “did some research” about plastic and discovered that they are “actually doing a lot of damage to the environment.”

As he immersed himself further in his research, the idea of using alternative materials for plastic eventually struck him leading him to the discovery of the cellulose properties of nata de coco, a coconut byproduct.

He then created the biodegradable plastic bag made of nata de coco. The bags naturally disintegrates after several days of exposure to elements. He joined and won the school Science competition. His teacher was so impressed with his invention that it has been sent to international contests.

Amin Hataman’s brilliant invention has been internationally recognized – not once but twice!

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Photo credit: PhilStar

Later on, various countries took notice of his innovative plastic bags.

Last May 2015, he was awarded the bronze medal at the International Sustainable World Energy, Engineering and Environment Project (I-SWEEP) which was held in Houston, Texas.

This, however, wasn’t the first award that he received for his invention. Back in 2014, he won the gold medal in the International Young Inventors Olympiad in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Simply said, the future looks absolutely bright for Amin Hataman.

According to him:

“Right now, I’m actually already trying to patent this. In the future, if I go into business, I might be able to implement this.”

We here at EliteReaders express our admiration to this awesome teen. We do hope his invention gets the support it fully deserves. The world will definitely be a much better place if people will start using these biodegradable plastic bags.

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