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Lucky Guy Finds Stash Of Cash In Second-Hand Car He Bought At A Police Auction





No one can ever determine where and when luck can strike us. Some are just plain unlucky while others seem to have been fully awake when the heavens showered all the lucky rays in the world. Take this man for example – we don’t know his name, his location, or any other pertinent information about him.

He might not even a ‘he’, for goodness’ sake. It looks as if he has dissociated himself completely from the Internet after these photos took the social media by storm in 2013. But one thing is certain – this guy is the epitome of LUCK! Although this happened two years ago, we can’t help but share this amazing story!

This man bought a second-hand car at a police auction after hearing that there are some great deals during these events.


However, his car power window broke so he had to make some necessary repairs. He opted to fix it himself and save some repair shop money.

When he ripped the plastic panel covering his car door, he noticed something suspicious.


A BLACK BAG: He took the bag out of the car and brought it inside his home.


When he opened the bag, he saw seven bundles of rectangle-shaped materials covered in duct tape. What could it be?


He opened one bundle carefully and was surprised to find a stack of 10-dollar bills!


The next bundle he opened was composed of 20-dollar bills!


Free Money! The total amount of money obtained from the second-hand car was not revealed; however, a majority of observers believe that it was worth thousands!


What do you think of this story? If you were in this man’s position, what would you have done? Return it to the police, brag it on your social media account, or keep mum? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post with your family and friends. too!

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