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Heartwarming Moment a Sea Otter Pup Lost For 3 Days Got Reunited With Its Mother


Apparently, the mother-and-child bond is not unique to humans.

We have seen videos that show how animal moms such as dogs care for their offsprings and how they react when reunited with lost pups.

But we haven’t seen it all.

Meet “The Otters.”

A lost sea otter pup found its way back into the arms of its mother, with help from California-based animal rescue group The Marine Mammal Center.

It was never mentioned how the pup got separated from its mother, but possible explanations include strong tides that carried the pup away, the mother diving deep down to forage for food, and a boat driving by. Possibly, the Mom Otter is quite inexperienced and does not know yet how to handle a pup.

Fortunately, at approximately two days old, the female otter pup seemed healthy; however, she couldn’t survive on her own. The best solution that they could think of was to try to find its mother. Then came sea otter biologist Mike Harris from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and a number of volunteers.

The team decided to hold the pup up over the waters of Morro Bay and show her to adult female otters in the area with the hope that one would come and recognize its scent.

Guess what?

Their plan worked!

Watch the “otterly” heartwarming reunion here:

Despite being tossed into the water, the team ensures the safety of the otter pup as the tossing was performed by an expert with more than 25 years of experience in marine biology.

Also, the team claimed that if they were not able to locate the pup’s mother, they would adopt the pup and care of it themselves.

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