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Ever Heard of Scramboiled Eggs? Kitchen Hack Shows Us How to Cook It!





Aside from making our everyday lives easy, what fascinates me about these hacks or tricks that we see online are the great minds behind them. Going through any process is tedious and knowing how to simplify everything with the help of these people can be fun.

Another result of people’s ingenuity are these Scrambled Hard Boiled Eggs or what they now refer as “Scramboiled” Eggs. By now I bet you’re already skeptical about this whole thing but wait ’til you see how it’s done and you might want to give it a try.

What you need–a long sleeved top, a few fresh eggs, rubber bands and a little warm up for some arm-spinning. The egg should now be inserted to one of the sleeves, placed at the center and both sides are tied with a rubber band. Take the sleeve on both hands, wind it by spinning several times and then pull both ends tightly. Spin the eggs rapidly as it unwinds and make sure to do this a dozen times for each egg. Lastly, boiled the eggs and you’re done. A little warning though, don’t spin too hard or your eggs will go flying and you can’t blame the internet.

If you want to try a different attempt in preparing your eggs then this is one great way to get creative and delight everyone especially the kids.

Watch the impressive video:

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Now I want to go straight to the kitchen and try this myself!

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