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Swiss Students Invent a Wheelchair Capable of Climbing Stairs





Meet the Scalevo – a wheelchair invented by ten brilliant students from Switzerland. Unlike traditional wheelchairs, this one provides users with greater mobility because it has the capability to climb stairs.

The Scalevo is a collaborative project created by eight Mechanical and Electrical Engineering students from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology with two Industrial Design students from Zurich University of the Arts.

The Scalevo is an electric-powered wheelchair capable of climbing stairs.

scalevo-wheelchair-climbs-stairs 1

Photo credit: Scalevo

The group set out to “build an electric wheelchair which is able to climb stairs,” their official website declares. They hope this invention will help improve the quality of lives of wheelchair-bound people across the globe.

As we all know, disabled individuals usually have to be carried by loved ones or friends to make it up or down the stairs when wheelchair-friendly ramps are not available in public establishments.

The Scalevo aims to change exactly that. With this electric-powered wheelchair, a disabled individual can easily conquer stairs without requiring anyone’s assistance, making it possible for them to be a little more independent.

The project initially began with Beni Winter, an engineering student who wanted to create a robot with stair-climbing capabilities. The idea soon evolved to something that’s more significant as he enlisted the help of the group.

The Scalevo wheelchair uses two wheels when driving on even ground. The user can adjust the level by utilizing the controls when climbing or descending stairs.

Here goes the video showing the Scalevo in motion:

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It would be cool if this invention becomes available to the public soon. Hopefully, the group raises enough funds to mass-produce this or at least we hope the idea gets bought by a wheelchair manufacturer.

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