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10 Real-Life Inventions Of 2018 Inspired By Science Fiction Movies

The future is here!


The future is scary, exciting, and unpredictable all at the same time. However, Science fiction books, films, and TV series have long attempted to predict the future of mankind.

Indeed, there have been countless cool inventions and gadgets brought to the world’s consciousness via movies, TV shows, and popular culture in general. Case in point, here are ten real-life inventions of 2018 that are inspired by Science fiction movies.

1. IRLGlasses. This pair will block radiation from screens.

2. The Tile Mate. It has a Bluetooth sensor so you can find your stuff easily.

3. Scribit. This is a painting robot that can create images on any vertical surface.

4. Myo. This armband controls your gesture and triggers actions based on your movements and muscle contractions.

5. Mirror. This program will turn any full-length mirrors into a personal gym.
6. SproutsIO. It allows you to make fresh produce in your very own kitchen.

7. CareOS. A mirror that analyzes your skin and helps your with your beauty regimen.

8. The Breaze Mask. This futuristic mask filters pollution, even the tiniest ones that you’re not even aware of.

9. OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode). This flexible TV set allows you to install it easily anytime and anywhere you want.

The OLED only weighs about 4.5 lbs. It has a magnetic backing for a quick and easy fix to your wall.

10. August Smart Lock. This product is a much safer and more effective way to lock your doors.

We were always curious about the future and all the things that it can offer to us in the present. Now, it is here. And so far, it appears to make things a lot easier for humankind.

Inventors create new things every single day. And while it appears that we have already figured everything out, there will be new products to be launched that will blow our minds even more.


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