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Save Money on Your Wedding… Hire Your Dog to Film The Whole Thing!

This couple got breathtaking results from a unique point of view!

Dondi Tiples





Do you know how expensive it is to hire a wedding videographer? You bet it can be very expensive these days.

If you’re on a tight budget for your nuptials, do what this couple did. They “hired” their husky, Ryder to film their beautiful, magical wedding in the snow from a different perspective that turned out breathtaking results.

Man, wife, and dog.

1126 dogpro 1

Addie Burnette, a hair and make-up artist from Nashville, Tennessee, wed her boyfriend Marshall on snow-covered Roan Mountain where they had their first date 10 years ago.

Addie strapped a GoPro on her dog, and Ryder obediently followed her around as she prepped for her big day, taking in the beautiful bride dressed in her wedding finery as she stood beside family members for a photo op.

The view from below.

1126 dogpro 2

Ryder was also game about stepping out into the snow to follow the couple as the wedding took place.

From the point of the dog’s perspective, the view was a magnificent snowy capture of the moment Addie and Marshall said their “I do’s” in front of the wedding officiator under a canopy of bare boughs in a wintry landscape.

Witnessing the exchange of rings.

1126 dogpro 3

Ryder captured the solemnity and the happiness of the occasion from her own point of view, but was never absent from the scene as the GoPro included the alert tilt of her husky ears in the lens of the camera.

Ryder even added a touch of whimsy to her footage by including the stunning scenery around her as she made a small detour exploration of her surroundings, all at doggy speed.

The world according to Ryder…

1126 dogpro 4

While the couple did hire a professional wedding photographer to get the still shots, the highlight of the event was the footage Ryder took for the occasion, becoming a part of her humans’ special day in the most unique way possible.

Wouldn’t you just wish Addie and Marshall would hire their dog out to film other weddings, as well?

Because this dog is a professional!

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