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Boy’s Reaction to His Mom’s Pregnancy Announcement is Just Precious





Having a new member of the family is always exciting, not just for the parents but for the older children as well. Take for example, Ethan Bromby who wasn’t just happy and excited – he even offered his bed to his unborn sibling.

In the video taken by his mom Sarah, Ethan was handed a card with his unborn sibling’s ultrasound photo. Although it became a guessing game at first, his face suddenly brightened when his mom told him that it was her unborn baby.

You will see how maturely he took it. He was composed and just calmly happy until he started to realize how a big deal it would be once the baby came out. He kept on asking his mom if the baby was really inside her belly until he finally cheered “Yes!” when the idea of becoming a big brother finally sank in.

Watch Ethan’s reaction caught on video here:

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Well, I guess Ethan is really ready to become a big brother, don’t you agree?


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