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This Guy is DEAF. What These Strangers Did For Him Will DEFINITELY Move You To Tears!





Samsung Turkey recently launched a video call center for persons with impaired hearing. To promote this new program, Samsung decided to create a heart-warming surprise for Muharrem, a young man with hearing loss.

In the video that you are about to see, Muharrem is seen taking a walk with his sister, who is in on the surprise. Each stranger that they meet communicates with Muharrem using the sign language. The crew installed cameras around the city to catch the amazing moments between the strangers and the siblings. The puzzled look on Muharrem’s face as he encounters these kind strangers can surely make you smile. But when everything is revealed to him, his priceless reaction will definitely melt your heart.

Watch the heart-warming video:

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These people allowed Muharrem to experience a world without any communication barriers. It’s really amazing when a simple idea turns into something beautiful such as this.

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